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Information Technology Solutions

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Mission Critical Solutions

FalconTek is a people first solutions company that is committed to our client’s success. We deliver top-tier technical personnel and solutions to public and private sector.

Infrastructure & Engineering

FalconTek brings infrastructure, cloud, and network engineering experts, cleared and uncleared, to support the mission. Our team furnishes the skills and experience required to plan, build, integrate and operate networks. We provide seasoned professionals with the expertise and skills needed to ensure network operations, whether the need stems from a single department, complete agency, or a complete enterprise-wide network. We support large-scale government infrastructure and networking efforts, whether on-premise, colocation, or cloud. Clients have turned to FalconTek since 2008 to support their network engineering needs. 

Application & Software Development

We provide customized project-focused teams to drive success in mission-critical development initiatives. Applications are at the core of every agency and staying at the forefront of innovation in mobile, cloud, and other application solutions involves the right personnel with specialized skills. Our team brings highly qualified talent in the software development realm, including software engineers, application architects, software developers, and UI/UX designers, who can handle any aspect of the software development and design process.


Protecting networks and data from cyber threats requires more than deploying advanced security technologies; you need a team. FalconTek specializes in building highly competent technical teams to aid our clients in shielding their networks, systems, applications, and data. Whether supporting classified or unclassified networks, we improve security posture by crafting and executing unique strategies for strengthening defenses and enlisting qualified personnel to protect your digital assets.

Data Platforms & Integrations

We bring extensive BigData, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehousing experience to the table when supporting your mission. The FalconTek Data Team focuses on the resources behind the effective management, implementation, and operation of large and small Data projects. Our experienced program and project managers excel in data managing projects, data warehouse architecture, data quality oversight, and reporting to database administration and Business Intelligence. Technology and processes are only as effective as the people implementing them. Our solutions architects and personnel collectively carry industry-leading certifications. FalconTek has a deep understanding of all the relevant skills, technologies, tools, data environments, and knowledge required for success.

Technical Project Management

At FalconTek, we work relentlessly to ensure your program or project is managed correctly and running efficiently. We have developed proven capabilities in Project Management throughout our years of experience supporting Federal and State government agencies. We understand that every milestone and requirement is critical. Our highly skilled and certified personnel will guide your project through every phase from initiation to strategic planning onto implementation and execution through completion. FalconTek brings high-quality (PMP certified) project management professionals who can bridge the gaps between clients, business needs, and technical teams.

Technical Support & Help Desk

We specialize in bringing the right technical support professionals based on your mission requirements. We provide highly qualified personnel to support help desk operations, desktop support, technology deployments, physical infrastructure integrations, and IT asset inventories and installations.